November Lockdown COVID-19 Update

Further to the announcement from Boris Johnson on Saturday I have looking at how the salon will be affected and whether or not I should stay open. These are my thoughts.

We have been asked to stay at home. Quoted from GOV.UK ‘This means you must not leave or be outside of your home except for specific purposes’. One of those specifics is ‘for work purposes, where your place of work remains open and where you cannot work from home (including if your job involves working in other people’s homes)’. Neither Katie nor I can safely groom your dogs at our homes so we should attend our place of work which is the salon. This is the first thing I concluded

Next thing I thought about was ‘Are we essential?’ There are arguments for and against this but, as was pointed out by one of my clients, groomers operate their business as a ‘Click & Collect’ which is permissible as long as social distancing process is followed and as you are all aware we do this already. So we can open for business.

All these things considered the salon will continue operating as usual but taking social distancing measures and COVID risk managemt systems as set out previously and posted below.

We will remain open until we specifically told to close by Lichfield District Council or Dog Grooming salons are placed on the list of the business closures will be published and set out in law. Of course, it goes without saying if you feel unsafe attending your appointment that is fine all I like to ask is that you give us as much notice as possible.

Thank you all for your continued support through these difficult time.




Until the lockdown is eased by the Government we ask you to either walk to us or drive if you consider it an essential journey for your dog’s wellbeing. Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, the way in which we work and groom your dogs has been reviewed and a new risk assessment has been drawn up. We will be having fewer appointments per day to ensure we maintain social distancing guidelines issued by Public Health England. Therefore, you may be offered an appointment outside our normal hours of 8am to 8pm Monday – Saturday or 10am to 4pm Sunday. Our groomers have taken an online course and have been certificated by Barbicide that they understand the risks of and mitigate the spreading of COVID-19. We would ask you to please help us by adhering to the following:

1. Please be on time for your appointment as times have been staggered to ensure the hygiene of the bathing and grooming area is maintained. If you cannot make your appointment or are held up, please call us to re-arrange the appointment. Our normal cancellation policy applies.

2. Please park in the car park at the side of the salon and walk your dog to the salon from there. Your dog must be on a lead. We are asking all clients to follow social distancing guidelines so please ensure that you and your dog keep at least 2 meters from anyone else and their dog. The main concern here is that it is possible for one dog to transmit COVID-19 that may be on its coat to another dogs coat.

3. On Entering the salon there will be a crate for you to place your dog in. Please remove and take their lead and collar with you as we will be using our own slip leads that we keep sanitised. Please stay within the cordoned area.

4. Your groomer will discuss with you the trim required but please note If your dog is badly matted, we will clip your dog under the mats, we will not be doing any de-matting beyond normal knots and tangles. If the matting is excessive you may incur our normal de-matting fee.

5. If your dog has any new underlying health conditions you must disclose this to your groomer to allow us to handle them correctly or select the correct shampoos.

6. All dogs will be bathed before grooming to reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission from its fur.

7. We will call you 20-30 minutes before your dog is ready for collection, so giving you ample opportunity to collect your dog in a timely manner. This is as important as arriving on time as stated in Section 1.

8. When you arrive to collect your dog please make sure no-one else other than our groomers are in the salon reception area before you enter. On entry, you will find your dog back in the crate you left them in.

9. We are not accepting any cash payments at this current time so all payments will be completed via iZettle, by either card machine or a payment link so that you can complete a bank transfer. Please inform your groomer if you want to pay by bank transfer as this needs to be completed before collecting your dog.

Our normal terms and conditions will still apply, and we emphasise that your dog will receive our usual best attention and care while they are with us.

We thank you for your continued support and help during this time.