Since we reopened after lockdown I’ve noticed clients bring their dogs to us and when they appear at the door seem to have a feeling of guilt about themselves as their dog is matted. It’s ok that your dogs are matted to some extent. Life sometimes gets in the way, priorities change, and then, of course, COVID-19 happens. Please don’t beat yourself up about it. We will not and do not judge you if it happens.
I’d better add we will only brush out tangles and knots on the dogs in our care any more than that is painful and we’re not here to cause pain. However, we will clip matting out as carefully as possible. We start with a long attachment on our clipper then reduce the size until we can clip under the mat. Sometimes this can be a dramatic change however it is for the best and the coat will grow back. To be honest with you all de-matting is not an easy job to do correctly and we as groomers would rather not do it, it’s not a quick job and it puts undue wear and tear on our tools but more importantly it is destressful to your dog. If the matting is very extensive you may be charged a de-matting fee on top of your groom price but this will be discussed at the time.
In short. Matting happens, don’t feel bad, we don’t judge, we will help, your dog will look different and you may be charged more
Take care folks.