Tail Waggers Pet Services All of our pet services are bespoke to you and one to one with your family pet or if you’re lucky pets. At the initial meet and greet we will discuss your requirements and that of your pet and come up with a plan!

Solo Dog Walking

£12 per 30 minutes

This is for a 30-minute walk in and around your local area. We can incorporate any training or obedience into this session then on return we will make sure there is enough food and water down and if needs be towel dry your pooch!

We offer discount for block sessions purchased. 5 walks £55 and 10 walks £100.

Welfare Visits

£10 per visit

These visits are ideal for puppies or those animals that do not require exercise and last up to 20 mins. We will spend quality engagement time with your pets and guarantee they’ve had the opportunity to go outside to the toilet clear up any poo and ensure they are fed and watered.

The discounts for this service are 5 visits £45 and 10 visits £80.

Home Stay

£50 per night

For this service, we offer to stay in your home overnight to give your pet homely reassurance if they do not like going into kennels. We would arrive in the evening taking your dog out for exercise, feed and keep them company for the evening. We would leave the next day between 7-8am.

Weekend discount or three consecutive nights £135. Five consecutive nights £200 then each additional night £40.